Charcuterie BOARDing School

Charcuterie Boarding School

Ready to dazzle friends & family with your mad boarding skills?

Includes: Board, Cheese, Accoutrements and Instruction!
Make it at the show - Take it home - Enjoy!

Limited number of spots for each session.



Ask the Experts!

Tried DIY and realize it’s not your thing? Not to worry! Bring you home improvement questions and ideas to the show and meet with the experts who can help!

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Show Attractions

There’s more to the show than meets the eye. Check out everything there is to see!

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Featured Exhibitors

All of our exhibitors are amazing, here’s a snapshot of the great companies you’ll find at the show.

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Driving Directions

Not sure how to get to the facility? Not to fret, we have included location and driving directions right here.

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